Internet Safety

After The School Bell is here to benefit you and your child and we do all we can to provide tutoring in a safe and private environment.

Is this internet usage safe for my child?
While we cannot guarantee anything, your child’s internet safety is our top priority. Therefore, we have put measures into place to protect your child’s information, privacy, and safety. That being said, each parent is ultimately responsible for the oversite of their own child’s internet and device usage.

Google Meet:
Google Meets are confidential. For every meeting, Google generates a unique encryption key that only lasts as long as the meeting is being used. Google Meet encrypts any information used during a Meet and is a more secure platform than most other online conferencing platforms. Anyone that does not have the uniquely generated invitation to the Google Meet cannot access your child’s session with their tutor.

ATSB’s Information and Data Policy:
After The School Bell has a privacy policy for you to understand what information we collect and how we use it. ATSB does not collect any personal information on your child other than what you submit on your child’s application. This information will never be used for any purpose other than to enhance your child’s experience on our platform. 

ATSB Safety Protocols:
When a tutor offers to match with your child, it is up to you as the parent to accept or decline that request. 

Once your child is matched with a tutor, you have the ability to report and/or block the tutor at any time should the need arise. 

Any communication between your child and the tutor that occurs on the ATSB platform can be monitored or reviewed upon request to ensure maximum possible safety. As such, we recommend that communication occurs via ATSB’s messaging platform.

The tutoring sessions will not be monitored or recorded by ATSB. Therefore, we recommend that a parent is available to oversee their child’s sessions.